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Ask HN: Finding an advisor or cofounder?
7 points by sjroot a year ago | hide | past | web | 4 comments | favorite

"personal project that I believe would make a great business"

You are way too early to think of co-founders yet. What you need to do is to validate your potential market first and see if there is any interest. This will not be easy. It cannot be automated in the beginning. Not to mention that Healthcare and Medicine is a real beast to tackle due to the red tape and regulations that you will have to deal with.

My advice: forget co-founder and find someone well connected in the Healthcare/Medicine industry. Or directly approach your target clients. I am guessing they could be Doctors, Hospitals, Clinics ? Use the initial contact to learn and understand the problems that you think you could solve with your software. Start there.

My primary goal is to reach out to as many people in these industries as possible. I am not actively looking for a Co-founder really, I just meant that option was on the table if someone on here was a particularly good fit.

Thank you for your insight! You are correct about target clients.

I wish you a ton of success in your project. I just have a question, have you validated this proposal with some of your target audience and if so, how you've done it? Thank you very much for taking the time to answer me.

Thank you for the well wishes! I am in the process of validating this idea and getting other suggestions and feedback from healthcare providers.

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