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Show HN: HN Text Analytics – Check what’s trending on Hacker News (hn.textalytics.io)
16 points by jacktucker 9 months ago | hide | past | web | 9 comments | favorite

If the intention is topic identification, trend monitoring, or sentiment analysis, I would expect a service like this to be able to drop the stopwords or at least report them separately. At the moment, by switching to aggregate data from the last sixty days, these entries are reported which I don't think should be: "all" (10.43%), "only" (6.92%), "because" (9.5%), "when" (7.88%), "even" (7.07%), "has" (10.72%), "which" (10.05%), etc.

Totally agree. Currently, the algorithm fails at times to drop stopwords which are not significant when trying to understand topics or trends. Should be able to quickly remove stopwords specifically since they are in a standard list. Thank you for the feedback.

Its funny as its about what id expect - bitcoin, net neutrality

is there support for email notifications?

Yes. Currently, work in progress. Hopefully, I will be able to release email notifications soon.

cool. so many people talking about spectre and meltdown last few days

and don't forget microcode and intel

it picked up all the oprah and trump talk too

very useful

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