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Ask HN: What problem that unsexy industries need to solve
13 points by visopsys 9 months ago | hide | past | web | 3 comments | favorite

I'm assuming you're trying to find problems to solve so as to start a business. This seems like a fine thing to do. Your approach could be a bit better, though.

1. You're asking about "unsexy industries." The people who work in those industries might care quite a lot about their job, so your description isn't going to be appealing.

2. You're implicitly insulting any developer who works there, based on how you define such industries: you're saying they're probably not talented.

3. You're asking in the wrong place.

4. The term "sexy" is going to turn a bunch of people off regardless of where they work.

5. Your phrasing makes this sound like an exam or a test.

I guess "unsexy" means stablished industry not (yet) in Google, Facebook, Tesla, etc.. world domination plan.


I don't really understand what that means. Tesla is losing lots of money, not clear if they have a viable business model, whereas Google & Facebook are massively profitable behemoths.

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