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Ask HN: As a dev (not investor) which crypto$$$ are you most enthusiastic about?
20 points by jonplackett 9 months ago | hide | past | web | 22 comments | favorite

Cardano ADA... A blockchain programmed in Haskell blacked up by real research and formal methods plus in the near future smart contracts in Plutus (DSL derived from Haskell for smart contracts)..

Is the strong foundation that the future financial system requires.

Disclaimer: I work in the company that develops Cardano.

Request Network.

They're building an open source solution to becoming the PayPal and Venmo of crypto. You'll be able to pay me in whatever cryptocurrency you choose and I can receive USD all in a matter of seconds.

They're also backed by YCombinator.

Blocknet. They're developing a trustless interoperability protocol allowing transfer of data and value across different blockchain, which enables you to consume blockchains/dApps as microservices. For example, you can create a blockchain that interacts with Golem for computational tasks, Siacoin for storage, Enigma for private transactions, Chainlink for data. It allows you to develop without being restricted whether you choose to create your own blockchain or develop on a platform - it's blockchain agnostic. Blocknet is also the most decentralized interoperability protocol, more so than Icon, 0x, Kyber, etc because it does not rely on Ethereum and every component is on-chain.

SiaCoin is pretty cool. They are a decentralised data storage system. You can be a renter o rent a space. It's not there yet, but it's getting there.

REQ because its a simple yet huge idea, it's not a cryptocurrency per se, but a service backed on the blockchain.

FUN because it solves a real problem (lack of trust in online gambling).

Not just one coin, but I'm interested generally in blockchain as social media, I'd really like to see alternatives to fb, twitter, yt, business models with more fairness and also less centralization. Things I'm looking into right now are http://ong.social http://d.tube http://steemit.com

What value is blockchain specifically to social media? Honest question.

Was wondering the same. OP?

Raiblocks and IOTA--and their forthcoming competition. Transaction fees stifle innovation. If someone could piggy back an ERC20 type system on top of a zero fee coin we would see an explosion of cool tech. I have things in my ideas.txt file I would start building immediately.

It costs 58cents to send a fraction of an ETH right now. Low compared to BTC but ridiculous compared to free.

I’m a big fan of Monero, ARK, and RaiBlocks. The latter allows for fast transactions (around 10s on average in my experience) by making each account responsible for managing their own blockchain (thus there’s no “mining” and crazy energy consumption) and it’s all connected over the network via a DAG data structure.

I'm big on EOS. Dan Larimer has a great track record in the crypto space and it looks like they're running a tight ship as far as development goes.

XLM is another operation that has YC and other Silicon Valley talent on the team that I'm bullish about.

REQ and XRB I am most enthusiastic about.

I got into XRB after a Bitcoin transaction took me over 6 hours and I searched for alternatives. I see DAG coins as the future.

What are your opinion on the centralization concern? It seems like the dPoS consensus algorithm is inherently more centralized than PoW or regular PoS. Would love to hear your thoughts!

I’m interested in watching chia.network development. I think Bram will make the right trade offs and he knows how to do peer-to-peer systems and get the incentives correctly.



Quantstamp. They're building a network for verifying smart contracts.

OmiseGo, can't wait to try out the wallet SDK

Monero, and watching Nimiq closely



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