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Ask HN: How do you disable JavaScript based annoyances on browser?
6 points by foo101 9 months ago | hide | past | web | 4 comments | favorite

I use both uBlock Origin and uMatrix with Firefox. uMatrix is an extension written by the same author as uBlock Origin which allows you to block JavaScript, cookies, AJAX calls and various other things on a very granular basis (e.g., allow references to JavaScript on jquery.com from example.com, but block it from other sites).

I always used NoScript for Firefox and tor, which I find works well.

I don't use anything for Chrome (my main browser), but rather just switch to Firefox when I come across JS annoyances on a site. I'd also like to hear some Chrome options that are easy to use and toggle.

Chrome, lets you disable javascript by site. Works like a charm to stop javascript BS.

uBlock Origin with 3rd party scripts disabled by default. That seems to get rid of the vast majority of annoyances.

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