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California Employers Must Provide Salary Ranges When Asked (leginfo.legislature.ca.gov)
1 points by binalpatel a year ago | hide | past | web | 6 comments | favorite

I've been watching this for a while. I think it's great but afraid it might be another piece of barely enforceable employment law.

Is "0 to ∞" a valid answer to salary range? If not, how narrow does the range have to be?

It has to be the actual salary range for the position.

And that can be very wide. For example, for my employer, a typical job where the midpoint of the salary range is X will have a range from 0.6X to 1.4X.

Thought I'd repost this - given it took effect on January 1st. Employers can also no longer ask for, or try to obtain, salary history as well.

And even if it falls in their lap, can't use it set salary for new employees.

Except if the applicant has salary history that is public information under state or federal law (basically, public employees), in which case the salary history provisions of the new law do not apply at all: not only can they ask for and try to obtain such history (unsurprising, as it is public), they can use it as a basis for setting salary offers.

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