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Enabling Hackerspaces with IPv6 (ungleich.ch)
16 points by telmich 10 months ago | hide | past | web | 6 comments | favorite

Nice to see adoption.

Another good option is the (still) free hurricane electric tunnelbroker service ( https://tunnelbroker.net/ ) which will get you an IPv6 tunnel with geographically diverse global tunnel servers, your own /48, and if you have an ASN you can announce your route directly.

Also has some cool dashboard stats for ya.

Does HE work behind CGNAT?

HE's tunnel broker doesn't work through CGNAT, it requires a public ipv4 address to terminate the tunnel.

Oh yeah! That certainly adds value to this type of tunnel, I did not consider CGNAT defeating your efforts. The WG vpn tunnel is a great option indeed. Thanks

This is very cool, and I like what they are doing. Though I don't understand why one would use this over free public 6rd providers like tunnelbroker.net or using TEREDO in general, both of which will likely give much better performance and reliability.

I used tunnelbroker.net for years before I had native IPv6. It works quite well.

>Also it works on "almost any device" including Linux, BSD and niche OS like Windows, macos, iOS and Android.

Made me chuckle not gonna lie

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