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Show HN: NanoArgMode – A Macro System for Nano (git.sr.ht)
25 points by shakna 9 months ago | hide | past | web | 2 comments | favorite

This uses LuaJIT to extend the Nano text editor. Under “Limitations,” the author states that

> The macro system can only effect the open buffer, it can't modify nano's default behaviours. It cannot move the active cursor.

> This turns it into a text-manipulation system, rather than a self-modifying system like you might find in vim and emacs.

An example of a text editor that is extensible in Lua from the ground up is Textadept.


By the way, it's nice to see projects hosted on Sourcehut get some attention on Hacker News.

There's also micro [0] which is a lot like nano in many regards, but has a decent scripting engine powered by Lua.

This whole thing is a hack - and I know it. But adding it to nano was surprisingly easy.

[0] https://micro-editor.github.io/

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