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LibreTaxi 2 published, open-source Uber PoC (github.com)
96 points by RomanPushkin 5 months ago | hide | past | web | 23 comments | favorite


A public feed of all rides? Who in their right mind would want the world to know that they are leaving for the airport? Or publicly give out their home address?

If I'm understanding this correctly, this is the equivalent of the "taxi radio". Taxi drivers without a current ride or on a short one, can listen to it. They usually talk to a centralized office, but also amongst themselves. i.e. Ask for advice going somewhere, warn about accidents, etc.

It's a great idea for Taxi's (the radio).

I'll hold my opinion on this software.

It's not very GDPR compliant either.

And that is a good thing.

You mean it's bad for users to be legally equiped to be able to request what data is collected from them ?

And legally, formally deny permission for data collection, apparently. I don't know why people are against this.

I also don't know why the parent post is getting down-voted. HN can be harsh.

There's a segment of HN that's very anti-regulation.

You're broadcasting your address to people around when you're looking for ride. Unsafe? I think it's much safer than anonymous rides through Telegram platform. If you have any ideas besides criticism you're welcome to contribute.

OP could've spent 5 minutes to write a bit of a description of what this is, as not everyone has Telegram installed or wants to run some random guy's code to figure out what they're dealing with.

Basically a telegram bot that helps facilitate rides between drivers and passengers

The description refers to this as a "ridesharing jailbreak". What does that mean?

It's a decentralised solution joining would-be serial sex offenders with potential victims. (Only partially joking)

The externalities of the existing taxi licensing systems are not perfect, but removing even the quasi-accountability of a corporate entity like Uber seems worse.

Exactly this. One serial killer in comments above isn't happy about public feed and wait it to be more secure (only partially joking).

Good news is you have source code now and author who is happy to accept improvements. Please improve accountability and safety - you can't do it with entities like Uber probably.

Uh, are you seriously equating someone commenting on the lack of privacy with the them being a serial killer?

It's not clear, if this is a replacement Uber Client, or a whole new decentralised infrastructure for being an unlicenced taxi. Looks like it might be the latter.

Ride-sharing model but better in their view

Is it based on GPS locations?

It is a technical solution that lacks a network effect or regulatory OR people component

It also seems to be lacking the technical component as I didn't seem to find any dispatching logic (e.g. geospatial awareness).

Isn't that what Uber is? The people component only exists when they're trying to manipulate customers into thinking they care about anyone. If you actually try and get support over being harassed by drivers for example, you get to see the real Uber.

No. Your criticisms of Uber aside, the poster notes that this lacks the network effect that Uber uses.

What legal protections do you have, and what are you liable for as a company? Is this meant to be used in major markets, or only in societies with high levels of stranger trust like Japan? Are you trying to compete on price on the third world? No offense but I have no idea why somebody will use this

It's the same legal protections you have when you make a post at Craigslist rideshare.

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