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Show HN: WhatFeatures – Get rewarded for providing feedback on new features (www.whatfeaturesdoyouwant.com)
30 points by jsimps 12 days ago | hide | past | web | 6 comments | favorite

Pretty neat to see - this is where our startup Canny started. We eventually moved to the SaaS model and that ended up driving more engagement and revenue.

Thanks! Would be great to catch up some time about how you’ve grown canny and maybe how WhatFeatures could fill another gap in the market

I am curious whatever you will find people willing to work for below minimum wage.

2000 points is worth less than 20$ according to currently shown rewards.

This probably is relatively worth your time if you live in a country where the dollar is worth alot

Great concept. So for this to be successful it seems you need the feature maker (I.e the company/startup) and the feature reviewer to buy in. I think the incentive is there for both parties but balancing between the 2 will be the challenge (too many reviewers and too few features or vice versa).

Good luck!

Yep the classic marketplace chicken and egg problem! Currently focussing on targeting the reviewer. If we have reviewers I think the companies will come :)

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